Canada is frequently referred to be a “paradise for immigrants”. Each year, Canada surprises the international community by boosting its yearly immigrant intake.

It’s hospitable attitude, accelerating economic growth, and straightforward immigration procedures have made it nearly perfect for individuals to come and permanently settle in the nation.


What are the top ten benefits of Canada PR?

Numerous immigrants reside, work, and settle in Canada by acquiring Permanent Residency, which provides access to a vast array of advantages


Below are the top ten benefits of a Canada PR:

  1. Right to Work and Reside in Canada

Canada is regarded as the second greatest place to live and work in the globe.

It is a top destination in terms of general sustainability, cultural influence, economic influence, entrepreneurialism, and quality of life.

Once you have PR, you are free to migrate to any Canadian territory or province. You are not required to remain with an employer, position, or province.

  1. Extension or renewal of your visa after five years

Although the majority of Canadian Permanent residency status cards are good for five years, some are only valid for one year.

In addition, there is no restriction on the number of times you can renew your visa status.

The officer will assess your purpose and past to see if you have a genuine basis to continue staying.

  1. Permits you to bring your family

If they become permanent residents, members of your family can also live, study, and work in Canada.

However, if you are over the age of 18, you are permitted to sponsor specific residents.

  1. Free Education for Children

Permanent residents’ children (up to the age of eighteen) receive a free education through grade 12 from the Canadian government.

There are three stages of education in Canada: basic, secondary, and higher education.

In addition, permanent residents pay significantly less for university education due to decreased tuition costs.

  1. Universal Healthcare

The Canadian government and authorities offer universal healthcare to immigrants seeking to immigrate to Canada.

Every Canadian permanent resident visa holder receives free medical care, which also includes coverage for all tax-funded prescription medicines.

As a permanent resident of Canada, you may also apply for public health insurance.

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  1. Social Benefits

If they have accumulated 40 credit points, immigrants in Canada are also eligible for several social security benefits. This equates to ten years of labor, or forty quarters.

Residents of Canada have access to high-paying occupations and tax refunds that allow them to live a great life.

Other social benefits include compensation for retirement, disability, and survivor benefits for deceased workers.

  1. Canadian Citizenship Route

After obtaining permanent resident status in Canada, you are permitted to reside there for five years.

You are eligible for Canadian citizenship if you have physically resided in the nation for 1,095 days (three years) out of the last five.

However, only the five years before the day you submitted your application for citizenship are valid.

  1. Freedom of Motion

With a Canada PR card, you can relocate outside of, inside, or remain in Canada (many times).

It allows you to migrate to another province and live there. You are able to pursue a new employment, a new chance, or other sorts of livelihood throughout the nation.

In Section 6 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, mobility rights are specifically consolidated.

  1. Independence to Launch a Business

Permanent Canadian residents are sometimes known as landed immigrants. They can also lawfully establish their own business after immigrating to Canada.

Without becoming a Canadian citizen, you can invest in a franchise or launch a new business as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation under Canada PR privileges.

  1. Safe and Secure Setting

In 2007, The Economist recognized Canada as the most peaceful country in the world.

It is a safe and secure place to reside. Immigrants having permanent status in Canada are protected by the government and authorities in accordance with Canadian Charter Clause 6.

Those who give a high priority on safety view this as the greatest significant advantage of living in Canada.



How does one obtain PR in Canada?

If you want to immigrate to Canada, here are the top five categories in which you can obtain a PR:


  1. Express  Entry

The expedited entrance program is valid all-round the year. It consists mostly of three subcategories:

Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP): This program is for experienced and qualified professionals.

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP): This program is for technical experts with foreign worker experience who are qualified.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC): This category is reserved for professionals who have worked in Canada.


  1. Family Class Immigration

Through the Family Class Immigration Program, an applicant with PR is also able to bring their family to Canada.

You may sponsor your:

  • Common-law partner
  • Spouse
  • Conjugal partner
  • Dependent children
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Brother/Sister
  • Nephew/Niece
  • Grandson/Granddaughter
  • Orphans younger than 18 years old


  1. Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Initiative (PNP) is a unique program for talented workers who may contribute to economic growth.

Each province and territory has its own nominee program to facilitate the immigration of skilled workers and students who can contribute to the region’s growth.


  1. Commercial Immigration

The Company Immigration program also attracts business investors, owners, and entrepreneurs to Canada.

It enables anyone with company ownership or management expertise to reap the benefits of Canadian PR.


  1. Program on Atlantic Immigration

International students and skilled employees who wish to live and work in one of Canada’s four Atlantic regions may apply for permanent residency under the Atlantic Immigration Program. The areas are:

  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • New Foundland and Labrador


How Much Does a Canada PR Cost?

The total cost of your application for a Canada PR visa is around $1350.

How many points are need to obtain a Canada PR Visa?

Currently, a minimum score of 67 out of 100 is required to qualify for permanent residency in Canada.

It has parameters such as:

  1. Age

Certain immigration schemes can provide an advantage to younger immigrants. According to the CRS, in the case of the Federal Skilled Worker Program, younger applicants receive more points.

  1. Academic level

Those with greater levels of schooling will receive more points. To qualify for permanent residency in Canada, you must have completed secondary school at the Canadian level.

  1. English Language Proficiency

With a better IELTS score, you will be awarded more points. To qualify for permanent resident status in Canada, you must demonstrate proficiency in the English language at par with the national average.

  1. Work Experience

Under the CRS, applicants with at least one year of work experience (30 hours per week) in a skilled occupation receive additional points. With greater experience, you may earn more points and increase your odds.

  1. Adaptability

Applicants are awarded bonus points for their adaptability to the host nation. If your spouse or a blood relative in Canada has a qualifying IELTS score, you can earn bonus points.


After meeting the basic criteria, you must apply for one of the above-mentioned approaches to Canada.

To obtain permanent residency in Canada, you must have a high CRS score.


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