Thousands of Indians move to Australia each year with the intention of residing in the Land of Kangaroos. However, many of them are having difficulty finding work in Australia. It is not due to a lack of skills, but rather to immigrants’ unfamiliarity with in-demand jobs.

Australia publishes an annual list known as the MSOL, which includes all of the in-demand jobs for that year. With accurate knowledge, qualifications, and skills, you can easily find a job in Australia with the MSOL.

We have briefly described the top three choices for Indians looking for work in Australia:


Apply for a Skilled Visa to come to Australia.

For skilled immigrants, Australia has three major immigration pathways:

Australia Subclass 189 Visa

Skilled Independent Visa is a Permanent Residency Visa that is also known as a Subclass 189 Visa. It allows you to settle in Australia without the need for State sponsorship or a work offer. The main need for this Subclass Visa is high English proficiency and an affirmative report for skills assessment. Because of the minimum eligibility standards, it is a popular alternative for foreign nationals, particularly Indians.


Australia Subclass 190 Visa

Skilled Nominated Visa, commonly known as Subclass 190 Visa, is an Australian Permanent Residency Visa. It allows you to stay in Australia indefinitely. The name of the Visa suggests that you will need a nomination from a state to be eligible to apply.


Australia Subclass 482 Visa

The Australia 482 Visa allows firms to fill labour shortages by hiring skilled foreign workers. They are brought in to fill appropriate employment openings in the Australian labour market. It is sometimes referred to as the Temporary Skill Shortage – TSS. The visa allows the holder to stay in Australia for up to four years.


Apply for a Skill Assessment

The appropriate authorities provide reports for talent assessment. It is an agency that verifies whether your skills meet the requirements for working in a given occupation. The organization can also help you prove your credentials in other countries.

These four occupation lists contain a comprehensive list of all qualified skilled vocations for eligible occupations:

  • New Zealand and Australian Standard Occupations’ Classification – ANZSCO
  • Skilled Occupation List Short-term – STSOL
  • Regional Occupation List – ROL
  • Sponsored Regional Migration Scheme – RSMS

The bulk of vocations on each list have their own evaluation authority. The Department of Home Affairs – DHA accepts only such assessment reports for abilities provided for evaluation by the appropriate authorities. It is the candidates’ responsibility to seek the appropriate authority for assessing their occupations. If necessary, they must then obtain a skill assessment. Each authority for skills has its own methods for skill testing, charges, and schedules. Some Subclass Visas and categories require a report for proper skill evaluation. It can also be asked of others. You must be familiar with all of the applicable regulations and policies for the Australia Visa you desire to apply for. It will allow you to establish whether or not a skills assessment is required and, if so, when.

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Connect on Global Job Marketplaces

LinkedIn mostly offers Senior or Executive and White-collar employment to all job seekers – natives or immigrants. One in every four Australians is a member of LinkedIn. As a result, it is one of the most popular job search portals in Australia.

LinkedIn Australia has a database of over 6 million job searchers with profiles in all industries. LinkedIn’s distinguishing feature is the ability to connect and interact with potential employers or coworkers.



SEEK has been Australia’s number one job portal since its inception in 1997. It contains a database of over 13 million job searchers. Three out of every four Australians are registered on Seek.

On Seek, job searchers can find thousands of job openings on a daily basis. It provides career counseling and company reviews, as well as an improved resume storing facility. Job seekers can also keep track of their job applications using Seek’s application tracking system.


APS Jobs

APS Careers is a platform for government agencies that is popular as a road to public service jobs in Australia. It is used to publicise open job vacancies as well as specific employment decisions such as Graduate Programs and promotions. This job portal also provides general information to job seekers.

The job platform also allows users to build profiles in order to receive job alerts through email. This is when the employment openings that they are looking for are advertised.

On APS, you may find a wide variety of job possibilities. These include technical, management, and entry-level employment such as project administration support and policy roles.

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Grad Connection

Grad Connect, Australia’s leading graduate recruitment expert, is a free portal. It aids individuals in their search for internships and graduate positions with Australia’s top firms.

Job searchers can use the portal to investigate firms and engage with graduates on forums. Employers who visit their student profiles on Grad-Connection can also identify them.

Updates for Indian Job Seekers

NSW, or New South Wales, in Australia, has updated its occupation list for Subclasses 491 and 190 Visas, which will be effective on December 15, 2020:

  • Subclass 190 Visa – Immigrants with an EOI are only required to make an application for nomination if they are currently residing in NSW.
  • Subclass 491 Visa – The number of regions has been expanded from 8 to 13, increasing the applicants’ chances of receiving this Visa.

Applicants for the Subclass 491 Visa may apply through any of the three paths to qualify for nomination from NSW:

  • Working and living in regional New South Wales
  • Recently completed studies in regional NSW
  • Working and living outside of Regional New South Wales.

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