CanadaJune 16, 2022by Prominent Overseas CareerTop 5 Visas for Indians Migrating to Canada in 2022

In 2022, Canada hopes to welcome 400,000 new immigrants.

The ITAs were distributed to 5,000 people in the November 25, 2020 EE draw, with a CRS cut-off score of 469, the lowest of the year. This is the third time that Canada has issued so many ITAs, demonstrating the country’s growing demand for skilled people.

With Canada boosting its immigrant intake, chances for Indians are rising. Continue reading to learn more about how to immigrate to Canada from India.


Top 5 Canadian Visa Categories


Canada is the most preferred destination for Indians looking to relocate overseas.

Here are five of the finest methods to immigrate to Canada in 2022:


1. Visa for Federal Skilled Workers

The federal skilled worker visa allows qualified workers from all around the world to immigrate to Canada and obtain permanent status.

It is one of the Express Entry programmes and the primary source of immigration to Canada from India and many other nations.

Qualification for a Federal Skilled Worker Visa

You must satisfy the following minimum prerequisites for the FSW programme:

  • Professional Work Experience
  • Language Skills
  • Age Job Offer Education based on Canadian equivalence

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  • Basic 67 Points Selection Factor to be eligible to apply for Express Entry in the FSW Program:
Factors Maximum Points
Age 12
Education 25
Work Experience 15
English or French Language Ability 28
Having a Valid Job Offer 10
Adaptability 10

If a person receives at least 67 points, they can submit their profile to the Express Entry programme with all of their information.

These selection parameters are used to provide points for FSWP eligibility.

When you are in the Express Entry Pool, your profile is ranked using a separate algorithm. The most qualified applicants are asked to apply for permanent residency.

Minimum Skilled Work Experience Requirements

National Occupational Classification (NOC) Job Group Level
Managerial Jobs Skill Type 0
Professional Jobs Skill Level A
Technical Jobs & Skilled Trades Skill Level B

Your expert job experience must include the following:

  • It should be the same type of NOC as in your application.
  • Work experience should have occurred within the past ten years.
  • You should have been compensated/earned compensation for your efforts.
  • At least one year of continuous employment or 1560 hours Work experience might be full-time, part-time, or as a student. However, there should be no gaps.
  • Minimum Requirements for Language Ability
Approved Language Tests in English or French Minimum Score
Writing Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7
Reading Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7
Listening Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7
Speaking Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7

The test results must be entered into the Express Entry profile.

  • Language ability exams are valid for two years.
  • It must also be valid when applying for permanent residency.
  • FSWP Educational Requirements

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Candidates with foreign education should have the following qualifications:

A completed certification

  • ECA (Education Credential Assessment) for immigration purposes
  • The ECA should be completed by a designated organisation and should state that it is equivalent to a certificate, diploma, or degree from a Canadian university.

Evidence of Funds

Unless he or she is currently unable to legally work in Canada, the FSWP applicant must demonstrate that he or she has enough money to settle in Canada with his or her family. Or if he does not have a genuine work offer from a Canadian business.

FSWP Documents Required

  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment): You must have your education evaluated by an evaluating body. This will guarantee that your education meets Canadian standards.
  • Language test results: You must submit the results of your English or French language competence tests.
  • Work experience certifications: You must present credentials of employment from your current and past employers.
  • Education credentials: You must submit your education certificates, such as your master’s degree certificate and bachelor’s degree certificate.
  • Proof of job offer: The employment offer letter must be sent in.
  • Evidence that you paid the entire visa fee
  • Proof of money demonstrating your ability to sustain your stay in Canada
  • Certificate of Medical Fitness: You must have your health checked and provide the necessary documentation.
  • Certificate of Police Clearance: To demonstrate that you have no character concerns or criminal convictions, you must get a clearance certificate from the police.


How Do I Apply for Permanent Residence in Canada Through Express Entry?

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada is in charge of the Express Entry system (IRCC).

Step 1: The candidate will be assigned a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score in the Express Entry pool.

Step 2: A maximum CRS score of 1200 points is awarded.

Step 3: Of these 1200 points, 600 are assigned to essential human attributes such as age, education, job experience, and so on.

Step 4: If a person meets the minimal cut off determined in that specific Express Entry draw, he or she will be granted an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency in Canada.

Step 5: After receiving the ITA, he or she would have 60 days to submit their paperwork and wait for the visa.

Costs Associated with FSWP

  • The processing cost is $825.
  • Fee for permanent residence: $500
  • Total: $ 1,325
  • Time to Process a Federal Skilled Worker Visa

Almost 80% of FSW applications filed via Express Entry are processed within six months or less after the day they are received.

Speak with our specialists now to start the Federal Skilled Worker Program visa process.


2. Program for Provincial Nominees (PNP)

Canada established the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to allow provinces to pick Indian immigrants and individuals from all around the world. It is for employees who have the necessary education, abilities, and experience to contribute specifically to the province’s or territory’s economy.


Application Eligibility for PNPs
  • Meet the Non-Express Entry criteria of the Province or Territory
  • Be nominated through the PNP stream PNP aspirants must follow specific requirements provided by the province or territory government on their website. To apply, they will also need to contact them personally.

The Provincial Nominee Programs’ CRS scores are based on the candidates’ abilities, education, and job experience. You must also work and reside in the province, as well as be able to support yourself and your family.


Minimum Point Requirements for PNP Candidates
Category Minimum Points Required
Skilled Worker – Direct Provincial Stream 82 Points
Express Entry Skilled Workers 87 Points
International Graduates – Direct Provincial Stream 91 Points
Express Entry International Graduates 91 Points


Application Selection Criteria: Based on CRS score and provincial or territorial labour market demands.

Please keep in mind that this programme does not allow you to settle in the province of Quebec.

Documents Needed for PNP Application


The following documents must be included with your application:


  • Language Credentials Express Entry Profile Number
  • Credentials for Education/Training
  • Work Experience Qualifications
  • Settlement Funds and Settlement Plans Settlement Funds and Settlement Plans
  • In the province, a close relative (if applicable)
  • Prior employment experience in the province (if applicable)
  • Previous provincial study experience (if applicable)
  • Documents of Identity and Civil Status
  • Passport must be valid.

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How to Apply for the PNP?

There are two options for submitting an application for a provincial nomination: with or without the Express Entry System.

1. Using Express Entry to apply for a PNP

Fill out your application and have your nomination for permanent residency confirmed. Indicate which provinces and territories you are interested in.


Step 2: Fill out an Expression of Interest form.

Depending on the province or territory, you will either have to file for nomination directly or the area will pick and notify you.


Step 3: Obtain your Application Invitation (ITA)

If you are nominated by a province or territory, you will get an additional 600 points. After getting the ITA, you usually have 30 – 60 days to file your application.


Step 4: Complete your PR Application

The programme for which you can apply will be specified in your ITA letter. And by what deadline should you submit your application? For your PR card, the process usually takes 4-6 months.


2. Obtaining a PNP without Express Entry
Step 1: Direct application

You can apply for a nomination directly to the province or territory of your choice. To assess your profile, go to the provincial/territorial government’s website.


Step 2: Expression of Interest

You may be required to file a Notification Of Interest (NOI) to the province or territory, depending on the province. Various areas may have different selection criteria and processes.


 Step 3 : Receive the ITA.

If you are chosen, you will be given an ITA for permanent residency. Filing the application form and receiving a PR card might take anywhere from 15 to 19 months.

The Costs of PNP Applications

Skilled employees who are successfully nominated to a province must pay an application fee ranging from $250 to $2,000.

Candidates applying for the PNP in Alberta, Nova Scotia, the North Territories, and Yukon are free from the fee.

Each province in Canada has its own application fee.

Province Application Fee $ Application Fee INR
AINP – Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program Free of Cost Free of Cost
OINP – Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program 1,500 – 2,000 1,10,955 – 1,47,940
NBPNP – New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program 250 18,492
BC PNP – British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program 1,150 85,065
PEI PNP – Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program 300 22,191
MPNP – Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program $500 36,985
NLPNP – Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Nominee Program $250 18,492
NSNP – Nova Scotia Nominee Program Free of Cost Free of Cost
NTNP – Northwest Territories Nominee Program Free of Cost Free of Cost
YNP – Yukon Nominee Program Free of Cost Free of Cost
Quebec $812 60,064
SINP – Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program $350 25,890

Processing Time for PNP Applications

Method of Non-Express Entry: 15-19 months

4-6 months for the Express Entry Method


Do you want to select the best Provincial Nomination Program? Our professionals can walk you through the PNP procedure.


  1. Pilot Program for Atlantic Immigration (AIPP)

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program allows you to relocate to one of the four provinces of Canada listed below:

  • Labrador and Newfoundland
  • The Island of Prince Edward
  • Nova Scotia New Brunswick AIPP has certain standards that may be appealing to certain graduates and professionals.

AIPP offers a variety of programmes.

AIPP offers three distinct programmes to assist various professions:


Atlantic Intermediate Skill Development Program (AISP)

This programme is for applicants whose occupations are listed in the National Occupational Classification, NOC-0, A, B, or C.


High-Skilled Program in the Atlantic (AHSP)

This programme is open to individuals with NOC- 0, A or B abilities and a one-year full-time employment contract from their business.


International Graduate Program at Atlantic (AIGP)

This programme is available as a study permit or student visa for overseas student graduates.


AIPP Eligibility Criteria for Canadian PR

The following are the qualifying requirements for the three AIPP programmes:

  • Program Requirements for Atlantic International Graduates
  • Have a degree, certificate, or other certification from an Atlantic province’s government supported university.
  • Have spent at least 16 months in an Atlantic province in the two years before your degree, certification, or credential.
  • Take a language exam to demonstrate your ability to converse in English or French.
  • When you come to Canada, demonstrate that you can support yourself and your family.

AIPP Canada Permanent Residency Process


Step 1: Obtaining Selection

In this employer-friendly scheme, the Canadian company should first select a candidate who fulfils his or her job profile. (A potential employee can be chosen via a job portal.)


Step 2: Get a Job

The selected candidate should then be offered the position by the employer.

If an employer chooses applicants using AIPP, they do not need to get a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Employee Acceptance is the third step.

If the employee accepts the job offer, the company will allow the employee to notify the appropriate authorities.

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Step 4: Get a Work Permit

Because Canadian firms may get a work permit for their employees swiftly, they should apply for a temporary work permit as soon as feasible.

Costs Associated with AIPP

  • Fee for Immigration Processing: $825
  • Fee for permanent residence: $500
  • Total: $ 1,325


AIPP Application Processing Time

AIPP applications typically take six months to process. Employers’ immediate needs can be met by obtaining a temporary work visa. Skilled professionals can come to work right immediately while their AIPP applications are processed.

Would you want to learn more about the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program? Our specialists would gladly assist you with the AIPP application procedure.


4. The Canadian Experience Program (CEC)

This immigration category permits persons who have previously worked in Canada for at least one year and wish to live in the nation with or without their family.

Such applicants may apply for Canadian immigration using this form of visa.

Canadian Experience Class Eligibility Requirements

Before applying for permanent residency in Canada, you must have lived in the nation for at least 36 months.


NOC Types: You have 12 months of full-time job experience in a National Occupation Classification Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B occupation (NOC).

Work Experience Time Period

You have at least one year (1560 hours) of Canadian job experience within the last 36 months.

Language Skills

You have the requisite level of language competence for your employment.

Residence I intend to live outside of the province of Quebec.


Other Considerations

Because of your prior medical, criminal, or security background, you are ineligible to enter Canada.


Documents Required for Immigration to Canada Under CEC

CEC requires the following general documents:

  • Additional dependents declaration form Schedule A – Background declaration
  • CEC Schedule 8: Economic Classes
  • Additional family details
  • Using a representation


The following additional documents must be submitted:
  • Documents of Identity and Civil Status
  • Information for children (if applicable)
  • Passports or travel papers
  • Qualification/Education/Training (principal applicant)
  • Working knowledge (principal applicant)
  • Language proficiency certification
  • Declaration of non-accompagnating family member
  • Police clearances and certifications
  • Payment of fees
  • A photograph is required.


How Can I Apply for CEC?

The following is a 5-step procedure for applying for CEC. Starting with going to Canada as a worker and ending with a Permanent Resident (PR) card.

Step 1: Spend a year working in Canada.

Work experience should be achieved on a temporary visa rather than through self-employment or as a full-time student.

Step 2: Comply with the minimal standards.

The CLB level is included in this. It is advised to take IELTS for English and TEF for French. As soon as feasible, apply for ECA certification.

Step 3: Make an Express Entry Profile.

The Federal Express Entry programme is what gets you into the Canadian Experience Class pool. To qualify, you will need to establish a profile.

Step 4: Gather the necessary paperwork

After obtaining an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR, you must assemble all essential papers within 60 days. A medical certificate and a criminal background check are on the list.

Step 5: Obtain proof of permanent residency.

If granted, you should obtain your permanent residency document within four months. It will be used as evidence when you finally relocate to Canada as a permanent resident.

5. Federal Skilled Trades Training Program

Several skilled crafts occupations in Canada are suffering labour shortages. This programme is designed to encourage individuals with business expertise from all around the world to apply.

The programme is quota-based, with sub-quotas in several of the 43 targeted occupations. It is restricted to 3000 applicants each year.

Qualifications for the Federal Skilled Trades Class

Job Offers: Have job offers from one or two Canadian businesses.

NOC Skills: Occupation must be in an approved skilled trade (NOC Skill level B) for at least one year, or hold certification of qualification for that trade from Canadian provinces or territorial regulatory agencies.

Language Proficiency: Must be fluent in two official Canadian languages.

Work Experience: Have 24 months of skilled trade work experience in the previous five years following trade qualification.

FSTP Documents Required

For the Canada Federal Skilled Trades Program, the following documentation must be submitted:

  • Travel history with your current passport
  • Complying with the linguistic requirement
  • Evidence of spending the last two years of the five-year period in the trade Trade to be covered by National Occupational Classification (NOC)
  • Possession of a Canadian schooling credential or its equivalent (non-essential)
  • Certificate of police clearance
  • Additional supporting documentation


How Does One Apply for the Federal Skilled Trades Program?

Other Important Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I learn about all of the criteria for a Canada PR visa?

You may receive all the real information you need on the immigration Canada CIC website, or you can contact Prominent Overseas directly. Our knowledgeable professionals will assist you in obtaining a Canada PR visa.


What are the PNP program’s benefits?

The following are the benefits of the PNP programme:

  • The main advantage of receiving a nomination from a Canadian province is that it raises your CRS score by 600 points.
  • Even if your CRS score is poor, several provinces will accept you and nominate you for Canadian PR.
  • Many provinces will nominate you even if you do not have a job offer.
  • If you have lower IELTS section scores, you should consider a PNP.


What are AIPP’s objectives?

AIPP’s objectives are as follows:

  • Recruiting competent people to fill employer openings
  • Supporting population growth by increasing the number of skilled workers
  • Increasing Canadian immigration numbers in the area
  • Expansion of trade, commerce, and investment
  • Infrastructure construction


Which initiatives are the most beneficial to Indian immigrants?

All of Canada’s immigration schemes benefit Indian citizens who want to settle in Canada with their spouse and family.


Which economic immigrant class has the Canadian government established?

The two primary economic immigration categories given by the Canadian government are the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Federal Skilled Trades Program. People from all around the world, particularly India, use their expertise to take advantage of these possibilities.


Can I apply for immigration to Quebec using PNPs?

You cannot apply to relocate to Quebec using PNPs. If you wish to settle in Quebec, you must apply for the programme that is only available in Quebec.


What are the fundamental prerequisites for immigration to Canada?

The following are the essential prerequisites for applying for Canadian immigration:

  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)
  • Results of language tests
  • Certificates of work experience
  • Certificates of education
  • Proofs of job offers
  • Evidence that you paid the entire visa fee
  • Evidence of funding
  • Certificate of Medical Fitness

Additional criteria may apply based on the province and kind of visa.



Overview of the 5 Types of Canadian Visas

Visa Type Who Can Apply Total Costs  Processing Time
Federal Skilled Worker Visa Minimum 67 Points

Under the Express Entry Program

$1,325 6 Months
Provincial Nominee Programs Based on CRS Score

& Labour Market Needs

$0 – $2000 4 – 6 Months
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Valid Job Offer with NOC Skill Level O/A/B/C $1,325 6 Months
Canadian Experience Class 12-Month Full-Time Work Experience or NOC Skill Level A/B $1,325 4 Months
Federal Skilled Trades Program Hold Certification or

NOC Skill Level B

$1,325 6 Months


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