The UK Spouse Visa allows British nationals’ spouses to live in the UK with them. This is also known as a UK marriage visa. After a probationary term, the spouse of a UK citizen is given indefinite leave to live in the Kingdom.

Arranged weddings are the biggest source of concern for officials when it comes to UK spouse visa applications. As a result, it is critical to show that the marriage in issue is legitimate and not staged in order to gain entry into the UK.


What exactly is a UK Spouse Visa?

The UK Spouse Visa is intended for the spouses of UK nationals who need to remain in the country with their spouses. This visa allows them to stay in the nation with their wives, eliminating the need for separation and giving the marriage a fair chance to succeed.

Unlike other visas, this one demands information about your personal life. The success of your visa application is dependent on how legitimate your marriage is, thus the authorities must take the appropriate steps to ensure they have the essential information. The settlement visa and the family visa are two visas that are identical to this one.


Who is eligible for a UK Spouse Visa?

To be eligible for a UK spouse visa, you must meet the following requirements. Please keep in mind that the criteria will change depending on your specific situation.

  • Your partner must be a British citizen.
  • Your partner must be granted indefinite leave of absence.
  • You must be married lawfully.
  • You are both over the age of 18.
  • You two must have met in person.
  • You aim to live together permanently once you arrive in the nation.
  • You have a genuine relationship.
  • You are both not in any other relationships.
  • Once in the UK, you might be supported by your boyfriend, either via his work or savings.
  • He will sponsor you, as well as any dependents you may have.
  • You will not be a drain on government resources.
  • You are fluent in English and will be able to converse well with the people of the nation.

The next section goes through the key factors that will be considered while reviewing your application. The following elements have a significant influence on your spouse visa application and can decide its success.


Financial Means

If your spouse wishes to bring you to the UK, he or she must meet specific financial conditions. You must have enough money so that you or your spouse do not have to rely on public funding.

The UK embassy will want to ensure that you do not overspend their public funds, especially because you are not a long-term taxpayer. The amount of money you need for your marriage visa is determined on whether or not you have dependents.


The following are the monies needed:

  • 18,600 pounds
  • If there is a first kid and they are not British, an additional 3,800 pounds is added to the initial sum.
  • For each subsequent kid, add 2400 pounds to the aforementioned sums, and they are not British.

There are numerous ways to demonstrate your or your partner’s income in order to secure indefinite leave for yourself. They are as follows:

  • Salaried income
  • Non-salaried income
  • Self-employed income
  • Salary
  • Dividends
  • Rental Income
  • Investment income
  • Income from stocks, shares and bonds
  • Income from pension
  • Pay out from insurance schemes
  • Maintenance payments
  • Cash savings

Your spouse must demonstrate that the wage he or she gets is sufficient to sustain you in the UK. This usually amounts to 18,600 pounds and rises with each child you want to bring to the nation. If your partner’s salary falls below this level, he or she must show sufficient funds to bring you into the nation.


Language Proficiency in English

You must have good linguistic skills. This is significant because it is critical for you to be able to operate successfully in their nation, and knowing the language is critical to this. Being unable to communicate in English would cause issues for both you and the residents of the United Kingdom.

The issue of getting along with your spouse comes up here. Inadequate language abilities would cast doubt on the sincerity of your marriage. If you do not have a solid command of the English language, authorities will query how you were able to converse with an English-speaking British citizen well enough to marry one. The situation is exacerbated if he or she also does not speak the language of your native nation.


The following are the situations in which you would be required to fulfil English Language requirements:

  • Not a citizen of the European Union or Switzerland
  • Are you in a relationship with a British citizen or someone who has previously established themselves in the UK?
  • Desire to move to the United Kingdom as the spouse of a British citizen

You can demonstrate your language abilities by taking one of many English language competency exams. If you are from a nation where the majority of the population speaks English, such as the United States, you may not be required to take a language competency test. If you hold a degree that was taught in English, you can also bypass the language test.

If you reside in a major city in India, you should have no trouble taking the test because there are likely to be multiple test centres nearby. TOEFL and IELTS are prominent and well accepted examinations.



Children under the age of 18 may accompany you into the United Kingdom. You must submit a separate application for them during your own time. Please keep in mind that the minimum income criterion that must be disclosed grows with each subsequent kid.


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Relationship Termination

If you are a British citizen or have been given indefinite permission to remain, your partner will be eligible for a spouse visa. They must serve a probationary period before being awarded indefinite leave to remain.

If your relationship terminates during your probationary period, you may notify the UKBA and provide an update on your relationship. If the UKBA deems it necessary, your spouse will be removed from the country.

However, this is only true in particular situations. The following are the exceptions:

  • Your spouse may apply for and be granted another visa.
  • Your spouse may discover another reason to stay.
  • There may be humanitarian or humane grounds to keep him or her in the UK.


Evidence of a genuine relationship

To ensure that the marriage is legitimate, applicants must demonstrate that they have met their spouses and enjoy a genuine connection. The following factors must be established:

  • They’ve met their partners.
  • That obtaining a UK visa is not a marriage of convenience
  • That when they arrive in the UK, they will reside permanently with their partners.
  • Even though their partners are not already in the UK, they want to relocate to the UK with their partners once the visa is approved.

The following papers can be used to establish that the following will occur:

  • Tenancy agreement
  • Joint mortgage
  • Photographs that depict the time you have spent together
  • A joint bank account
  • Joint savings
  • Text messages
  • Travel documents that show visits to each other before marriage
  • Proof of intent to live together


Documentation Required

The following documents must be submitted:

  • Application Form
  • Valid passport
  • Previous passports, if any
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • Proof of language proficiency
  • Proofs of funds
  • Proof of genuine relationship
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Records of previous applications, if any
  • Police records
  • National Insurance Number
  • Details of caregivers and parents
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Biometrics
  • Proof of payment of fees



If you apply from outside the UK, the visa cost is 1,523 pounds (154530 INR), and it is 1,033 pounds (104813 INR) if you apply from within the UK.


Time Required for Processing

It might take anything from 8 to 12 weeks for your UK spouse visa to be accepted.



If your spouse is a British citizen and you are not, the UK spouse visa is an ideal option to reconcile with him or her. There is no need to let nationality obstruct love. However, it is critical that you persuade authorities of the validity of your marriage. This would imply:

  • Extramarital relations are not permitted.
  • Previous marriages/relationships are annulled
  • Before marriage, meet and spend time together.
  • Your marriage must be at least two years old.

A few more things will influence the outcome of your UK spouse visa application. To learn more, schedule a free consultation with Prominent Overseas right away!