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Indian Work Visa in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a significant globalised economy, ranking sixth in the world. With the most innovative technology, the development of scientific research, and world-class management, incredible chances for working in the UK have evolved in the previous several decades.

It is a fantastic chance for Indian nationals who want to live and work in the United Kingdom.
Though the UK’s immigration system was restricted in the past, the UK government is concentrating on increasing their competitive advantage in the new century, and is welcoming qualified professionals to work in the UK through the Tier 2 visa programme and the Skilled Worker Visa (Points-based system).

Skilled individuals from countries such as India whose jobs are on the Tier 2 Shortage Occupation List can apply to work in the UK on a long-term basis and further their professional objectives in a stimulating environment under the TIER 2 scheme.

This visa category prioritises entrepreneurs, investors, and extraordinary skills. Because the employment protocols for nationals of the EU/EEA/EFTA countries differ, applicants from those countries are not eligible.

The visa service is accessible at all UK consulates and approved visa service centres, where the visa application form and relevant supporting papers may be obtained and submitted for processing.

Popular occupations on the list


Doctors (Physicians)
Nurses and medical personnel
Engineers, Scientists, and Research Associates
Finance professionals, entrepreneurs, and business investors
IT professionals
And a few more.
UK’s Scope Work Permit for a Skilled Employee


Work and further your education in the United Kingdom
Bring family members to the United Kingdom. (apply for a visa for a spouse or dependent)
Travel freely to and from the United Kingdom. (If you intend to go to Schengen nations, you will need a separate Schengen Visa, which may be obtained while in the UK.)

A maximum of five years. With the correct documentation, it can be renewed before it expires.

Time required for processing

Apply three months before the appointment date specified in your employment offer letter. After passing the Visa Interview, the visa acceptance decision is made within three weeks. Recently, the UK government has accelerated the processing of many applications with jobs on the Shortage Occupation List, decreasing processing time to a bare minimum.


Between 2008 and 2010, the five-tier, point-based UK Visa Application system was brought in. For their application to be considered, applicants must receive at least 70 points.

The eligibility assessment criteria are as follows:

Professional credentials
Future profit projections based on approved criteria
Valid work permit in the UK
Letter of Job Offer
Sponsorship from a licenced UK employer
Ability to converse in English fluently Present cash in your bank
This visa has salary requirements. Your employment offer letter must provide a minimum salary of £25,600, as well as the exact wage criteria or ‘going rate’ for the mentioned occupation.

Indian students on Tier 4 visas or student visas frequently apply for this visa category as a post-study work visa, which they eventually upgrade to permanent residency.

Work authorization

Individual applications for work permits are not accepted. Your employer in the UK must apply on your behalf, explicitly outlining the nature of your job, your area of expertise, and the length of time you are anticipated to stay in the UK to achieve your objectives. These data will determine the kind and length of your permit.

Persuade your company to endorse you as a highly trained and qualified foreign worker who can contribute to the UK’s development and productivity.

Type of Visa

Skilled Worker Visa / Tier 2 (General) Visa

Only for skilled foreign nationals who are non-EU citizens seeking for an employment visa in the UK with documentation of offered employment in a profession on the shortage occupation list.
A sponsorship certificate from a licenced UK employer is required.
The work you intend to perform in the UK must be directly connected to your sponsor organization’s specified work profile.
If you intend to change careers, you must reapply under the appropriate profession category or complete the requisite transfer of permission papers, as instructed by the immigration department.
Tier 2 visas may give opportunities for professionals in unique circumstances.

Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer Visa: For transfer employees employed in firms headquartered in the United Kingdom and other nations.
Tier 2 Minister of Religion Visa: For religious ministers working for a religious organisation with a recognised UK chapter.
Tier 2 Sportsperson Visa: For coaches and athletes who have succeeded in athletic accomplishments or who possess a unique ability or expertise that can boost the performance of British athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
Visa Tier 1 (General)

You can apply to convert from your current visa to a Tier 1 (General) visa if you are a current visa holder with a UK permanent residence permit, which means you have permission to stay (‘leave to remain’) in the UK. This is only available to those who are already in the UK and is not relevant to any other immigration categories.
Tier 1 (Extreme Talent) Visa

To be eligible for this visa, you must be regarded as a globally renowned leader or emerging luminary in your field of science, humanities, engineering, medicine, digital technology, or arts. You cannot be a citizen of the EU.
Overseas Business Visa Representative

Awarded to the single representative of a foreign firm proposing to establish a UK branch or a completely owned subsidiary for a foreign parent company.
Domestic Workers in a Private Household Visa is granted to an employee of a foreign newspaper, news agency, or broadcasting institution assigned on a long-term assignment to the UK.

A domestic worker in a private household may be granted this visa provided your employer is lawfully authorised to stay in the UK for the term of your job contract. You must provide documentation of at least one year of work with your current employer.weblogo-1

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