If you are an Indian, one of your childhood dreams would have been to go to US at least once.
Thanks to the large number of visa options now available at the disposal of the applicants, visiting US has become a lot easier than earlier. Each year, millions of Indians apply for a visa to the US for holiday or other casual purposes. While the process seems very straight forward in the first sight, it actually involves a number of intricacies and demands the applicant to be aware of all the procedures and related processes in order to successful get the visa from the authorities.

The B – 1 / B – 2 visitor visas are offered for the people looking to have leisure visit to the US. B – 1 visa is usually given to the travellers who are attending business conventions, some education seminars, negotiating contracts or are here to consult with certain business associates.

On the other hand, the B -2 visa is given to the travellers coming to the US for recreational purposes. This may include travel for tourism, in order to visit friends or relatives or to undergo any medical treatment in the country. In many cases, these visas are issues in a combined form as B -1 / B – 2.

In order to successfully apply for this kind of visa, you need to prove the following –

The purpose of your trip, be it business, pleasure or any medical

  • That your stay in the US is temporary and would only be for a specific time period and not extend it
  • Proof that you have enough funds at your disposal in order to support your stay in the US
  • That you have a residence which is outside the US which ensures that you would come back from the US after the purpose of your visit is over.

In case you are going to the US to get a medical treatment, you need to have a number of other
documents in place also. These include the following –

  • A medical diagnosis which must clearly mention what is the need for a medical treatment to be given in the United States. This must also explain the nature of your medical condition
  • A letter from the US based physician stating that he or she is willing to treat the patient. This  should also include the treatment of the procedure and the cost involved in the treatment.
  • The proof of your financial background, highlighting that you have the capacity to afford you treatment and the other related expenses during your stay in the US.