Dependant Visa

A dependant visa is a kind of visa, which allows the dependents of primary applicants to accompany them in the country where they are staying or working.

Dependant Visa Services In Hyderabad

Dependant Visa services are different from Spouse Visa. Dependants can be parents, kids, or anyone who’s biologically connected and also dependent on the visa applicant for their survival.

With a Dependant Visa, the dependants can avail the following benefits, you can stay with the primary applicant/ family, you can travel and explore, in some countries, you can study in an educational institution, and also work in some cases.
A visa is an official document that allows the holder to legally enter a foreign country. The visa is usually stamped or glued into the person’s passport. There are several different types of visas and each serves a different purpose. Getting a visa is generally quite stressful.
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Types Of Dependant Visas For Indians In 2022 Are:

Temporary visa: It is issued for a short period of time and you would require to renew from time to time. You cannot stay longer than your partner. If his/her visa expires then your visa also gets invalid.

Permanent visa: This visa is issued to the spouse/dependants of the permanent residence visa holder. With this visa, you can avail the same benefits as the permanent residence visa holder. You can work, study, get medical facilities, etc. 

There are certain eligibility criteria to meet to be eligible to apply for the dependant visa such as you should be above 18 years of age, you must prove your relationship with your spouse or kids, you must also have enough funds in your bank to afford the expenses of your dependants during their stay.

Top Countries For Dependant Visas in India:

USA Dependant Visa UK Dependant Visa Canada Dependant Visa
New Zealand Dependant Visa Germany Dependant Visa Ireland Dependant Visa

Documents Needed For Obtaining The Dependant Visa Are:

The procedure of filing for a dependant visa differs from one country to another. Every country has different rules and regulations when it comes to dependent visas. The benefits and the privileges also keep changing. Some countries allow the dependants to work, study and live freely without restrictions, while some other countries have strict do’s and dont’s. Hence it’s important to know the eligibility and the requirements properly before applying for the dependent visa.

  • Valid passport.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Any other document to establish the partnership.
  • Birth certificate of dependent children.
  • Proof of fund of the sponsor (via bank statements).
  • Medical test reports.
  • Proof of employment of the sponsor.
  • Other documents equivalent to the Certificate of Eligibility.

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Resume Writing Services for visa applicants in India is to help increase the chances of selection. Since the parameters of a resume change in each country, the perfect resume always needs a professional’s help. 

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