CanadaJune 15, 2022by Prominent Overseas CareerWhat are the Top 7 Facts About PR Visa | Canada and Australia PR Visa Information

Individuals with Permanent Residence status can work and live in a foreign nation permanently. It also provides several advantages and benefits.

In this article, you will learn about the 7 most significant factors and conditions for obtaining a PR visa in two of the most sought-after countries: Canada and Australia.


What exactly is a PR Visa?

A PR visa is a form of authorization that permits you to work and live permanently in the nation with your family. A PR visa holder can get citizenship after satisfying certain conditions.

Canada Permanent Resident Visa

A PR visa in Canada allows an immigrant to reside and work in Canada. It grants permanent residence. The candidate must apply to the IRCC to get it.


Popular PR Visa (Permanent Resident) Routes in Canada:
  • Federal Skilled Worker Visa Provincial Nominee Programs Express Entry Visa
  • Canadian Experience Class Sponsorship PR Visa for Australia
  • A PR visa for Australia might assist you in obtaining permanent residency in the nation. With your PR visa, you can seek for Australian citizenship after three years.

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There are three visa types for permanent residency in Australia:
  • Subclass 189 allows skilled workers with suitable work experience and certifications to enter the country and work.
  • Nominated personnel are assigned to Subclass 190. It is a one-way ticket to nationality. All you need for this visa is a minimum of three years of employer sponsorship.
  • Subclass 191 is for Temporary Visa Holders seeking to alter their status to Permanent Resident. A skilled worker 491 or 492 visa is required to get a subclass 191.


What exactly is a work permit?

A work permit is a document that allows foreign people to work in a country for a certain time.

Work Permits in Canada


1. Work Permit for Employers

You can work for a specific employer for the time period specified with this Work Permit.


2. Work Permit Available

This work visa is only available to DLI (Designated Learning Institution) graduates and Temporary Residents of Canada.

It allows an individual to work in any firm that is not on the illegitimate list of organisations for any period of time with less perks than the PR Visa provides.


Work Permit in Australia

The 482 Work Permit allows any foreign employee to work in Australia for at least four years if they are sponsored by their employer or corporation.


The Significant Differences Between a PR Visa and a Work Permit

The following table compares the differences between the PR visa and the work permit:

  • Eligibility Work Permit Requirements
  • A candidate with relevant job experience is always preferable.
  • Because of their exceptional job experience, an applicant with fewer qualifications than necessary is occasionally missed.
  • IELTS certificate with at least 6 bands.


Other credentials are determined by the job description and the needs of the firm.


Eligibility Requirements for Canada PR and Australia PR Eligibility requirements for Australia PR
Category Maximum Points
Age of the immigrant (25-33 years) 30 points
Work experience for a skilled worker (8-10 years – outside Australia) 15 points
Work experience for a skilled worker (8-10 years – in Australia) 20 points
Proficiency in English (eight bands) 20 points
State Sponsorship for immigration (190 visa) 5 points
Education for permanent residency (Doctorate Degree) 20 points
Niche skills in Australia 10 points
Skilled spouse or partner (for permanent residence) 10 points
Skilled spouse or partner with well-competency in English (for permanent residence) 5 points
Accreditation in community language (for permanent resident status and work visa) 5 points


Canada PR Eligibility Requirements

To be able to submit an Express Entry profile under the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Class, you must score 67 out of 100 points.


The maximum points you may get for these factors are as follows:
Age Maximum 12 points
Education Maximum 25 points

Education must be equal to the completion of a Canadian high school diploma and must be attested by an Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA)

Language Proficiency Maximum 24 points (English and/or French)

The minimum score for FSW is equal to the Canadian Language Benchmark of Level 7 (CLB 7)

Work Experience You must have a minimum of 12-months of full-time, skilled work experience, or an equivalent amount in part-time experience. Your occupation must be listed in National Occupation Classification (NOC) in either Skill Level 0, A, or B.
Adaptability Maximum of 10 points
Arranged employment Additional 10 points (not mandatory).
Documents Required for PR Visa
Documents Required For PR in 2022
Canada Australia
Digital photograph Passport
Valid passport National ID Proof
Medical report Educational Transcripts
Proof of funds IELTS Score Card
Employment Pass (Authorization) Document Travel History Documents
IELTS result Medical Certificate
ECA report Police Certificate
Police Clearance Certification SkillSelect Report
English Language Test Report  
How to Apply for a PR Visa?
Canada’s Application Procedure

You may apply for Canada PR by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Determine whether you are eligible for Express Entry.

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Minimum score of 67 out of 100 to apply via Express Entry Occupation must be included on the NOC List

Step 2: Request an ECA report from WES Canada.

Step 3: Take a Language Examination (French or English or both)

Step 4: Gather all necessary documentation.

Step 5: Create an IRCC Express Entry profile.

Step 6: Submit an application for the Provincial Nominee Programs (Optional, additional 600 points).

Step 7: Receive an Application Invitation (ITA)

Step 8: Submit the extra documentation within 60 days.

Step 9: Obtain your medical and police clearances.

Step 10: Apply for a permanent resident visa to migrate to Canada!

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Australia’s Application Procedure

Step 1: Check each subclass for your qualifying conditions.

  • Examine the Skilled Occupation List Score In the Points Grid, you must have at least 65 points.

Step 2: Have your skills assessed by VETASSESS.

Step 3: Take a Language Examination (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL)

Step 4: Gather all necessary documentation.

Step 5: Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to Skill Select.

Step 6: Within 60 days, submit your final PR application.

Step 7: Obtain your medical and police clearances.

Step 8: Obtain your Australian permanent residency visa!

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What are the Costs of Canada & Australia PR Visas?

The fee for PR visa of Canada in Indian rupees is around INR 56,000 for people over 18 years of age.

Applicants Cost (In INR)
Independent Applicants Around 1,95,000 INR
Dependant Applicant Approximately 95,180 INR
Applicants Aged Under 18 48,000 INR


What is the processing time for PR visas to Canada and Australia?

The procedure for obtaining an Australian PR visa takes around 8 to 12 months.

Other Important Frequently Asked Questions


What are the many sorts of visas?

Visa kinds are mainly determined by the purpose of your travel and the nation you wish to visit. The following are the most prevalent forms of visas:

Employment Visa Business Visa
Temporary Resident Visa Visitor Visa
Tourist Visa Student Visa
Non Immigrant Visa Medical Visa


What are the requirements for becoming a Canadian citizen?

To be eligible to become a Canadian citizen, applicants for Canadian immigration must meet the following criteria.

  • Be a Canadian permanent resident.
  • Should have spent three of the last five years in Canada.
  • If needed, taxes must have been submitted.
  • Demonstrate your linguistic talents.
  • Pass a citizenship examination.


What are the various sorts of employment-related immigration visas available in Australia?

  • Work visa under the ENS (Employer Nomination Scheme).
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) visa
  • Visa for Skilled Nominees
  • Independent Skilled Visa
  • Regional Skilled Visa
  • Temporary Skill Scarcity Visa
  • Visa for Temporary (Short-Term Specialist)
  • Visa for Temporary Work (International Relations)

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Is a visitor able to apply for a work permit in Canada?

No, a tourist to Canada cannot apply for a work permit. However, you may submit an application under the following conditions:

  • Your parents or spouse can get a lawful work or study permit.
  • You have a temporary residency permit that is valid for more than six months.
  • You want to apply for a different sort of work permit while still holding another.


What is the cost of permanent residency in Canada?

Candidates seeking permanent residency in Canada must pay this cost after getting a temporary residence visa. You will not be given Canadian permanent residency until you have paid the RPRF (Right of Permanent Residence Fee).


What is the Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada?

The Federal Skilled Employees Program in Canada is for foreign workers selected through the Express Entry immigration system who have appropriate education, job experience, age, and language ability. Those chosen will be issued a Canadian work visa and will be able to apply for a permanent residency card in Canada.


What is the definition of a temporary work permit in Canada?

International temporary employees who wish to immigrate to Canada must first get a work permit. They would, however, require an employment offer from a Canadian business before completing the work permit application.



The primary distinctions between a PR Visa and a Work Permit are as follows:

  • A Canada PR is easier to get than a Green Card.
  • To obtain a work visa, you must be employed.
  • An immigrant with a PR visa is free to change jobs at any time. A work permit visa holder, on the other hand, cannot.
  • Green card holders can start their own businesses. Work permit holders, on the other hand, cannot.
  • Your spouse can also work in the nation with a PR visa. He/she cannot, however, with only a work permit.

So, if you intend to work in a nation and remain for an extended period of time, a Permanent Resident Visa is the superior alternative. More information is available from our professionals.


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