Why should I study in the UK?
  • One of the most popular places to study abroad in the UK.
  • The nation provides affordable tuition for high-quality education.
  • In the top 10 Universities in the world, four UK institutions are ranked.
  • The Graduate visa makes it easier for foreign graduates to hunt for work after finishing their degree program.
  • There is diversity among the students in the UK.
The greatest country for overseas students is the UK

Making the proper choices is crucial when deciding to study abroad. It depends on choosing an appropriate course to narrow down potential universities to continue the study program. To guarantee that the experience of studying abroad is the best it can be, appropriate advice is needed. Let’s go over the benefits of thinking about studying in the UK rather than anywhere else in 2022.

UK’s Top 10 Universities

Here is a list of the top 10 Universities in the UK with their QS rankings:

UK Rank Global Rank Institutions
1 5 University of Oxford
2 7 University of Cambridge
3 8 Imperial College London
4 10 UCL (University College London)
5 20 University of Edinburgh
6 27= The University of Manchester
7 31= King’s College London (KCL)
8 49 London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
9 58 University of Bristol
10 62 The University of Warwick


Study abroad in the UK

In the academic year 2020–2021, there were roughly 605,130 overseas students enrolled in UK institutions. There were 26,685 overseas students enrolled in UK institutions in 2018–19, an increase from 18,325 in 2014–15.

If one looks at the numbers for visa applications, the trend of welcome for the UK is expected to continue. The UK is introducing new, student-friendly rules as a result of the trend.

One such clause is the post-study work policy for graduates from other countries. When students complete their degree programs, it makes it easier for them to get employment in the UK. Since 2019, the plan has been fully realized. It has given overseas students an additional incentive. Without a doubt, they will choose the UK as their study abroad location.

British Graduate Visa

There is also a new two-year graduate visa route as well. For the class of 2020–21 at UK universities, a new Graduate Visa route was introduced. After two years, this visa stream allows students to change to a skilled work visa. It will only be feasible if they are able to locate a job that satisfies the skill requirements of the Graduate Visa route.

The benefits of this new student visa for international students include:


  • The Graduate pathway is unsponsored. It implies that a student can look for work at any skill level.
  • The student may also submit an internship application.
  • There is no mandate for base pay. It suggests that the student may stay in the UK longer than allowed by their visa.
  • The student might change their visa to skilled work after finding employment in an appropriate industry.

Young kids should find the scenario exciting. More than 10% more people are enrolling from non-EU nations, primarily from South Asian regions. This number has inspired UK universities to set and surpass new benchmarks.

The target for Welcoming International Students

By 2030, the number of international students is expected to increase to about 600,000. Indian students will surely be key players in this community of international students.


For UK citizens interested in studying abroad, there is a promising scenario. International students eagerly anticipate this new visa route. It will contribute to elevating its status as a sought-after location for academic pursuits.

Work Benefits for International Students

The UK government wants to attract and keep the brightest and greatest people from throughout the world. It also seeks to present alternative chances for a future quantum leap in science, technology, and research. The worldwide talent that flocked to the UK to study would be the catalyst for the breakthrough. The two-year post-study employment visa is valid.

What makes students favor the UK?

Most young individuals who wish to pursue higher education choose to study abroad at colleges or universities. In the UK, many students enroll in colleges or universities. the practice of enrolling in Bachelor’s and Master’s programs at reputable UK institutions It has been around for a while. But in recent years, the trend has increased more than it has in the previous ten years.

High levels of student happiness

The UK is scored highly when it comes to overall student happiness, according to a report from the OECD, or Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, called “Education at a Glance 2019”. Many foreign students who have pursued higher education in the UK, according to the research, have stated that they would suggest the country to others based on the fruitful and satisfying experiences they have had.

Inexpensive education

The cost of studying abroad is comparatively lower in the UK than in other English-speaking nations (such as Australia or the US). When compared to the US or Australia, the academic price is lower, but the cost of applying for a student visa in the UK is also lower.

An impressive number of students

The UK hosts many international students from all over the world due to its reputation as a center for higher education. It is astonishing how many overseas students the UK’s universities have at their campuses. International students in the UK have diverse backgrounds and are from a variety of nations.

High likelihood of receiving a visa

Indian students find it simpler to adapt to the UK since it promises a high quality of education in an English-speaking environment.

International students’ access to higher education in the UK is unquestionably maintained. Even though it only makes up 0.9 percent of the world’s population, the UK contributes roughly 15.2 percent of all highly cited research.

The UK institutions are highly sought after by both domestic and international students because they provide high-quality education. In order to further their undergraduate or graduate studies, the students want to travel abroad.

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