The Canadian job market continues to see an increase in high-demand jobs. As a result, it is able to accept skilled foreign workers year after year. The national employment vacancy rate is high because many high-demand jobs in Canada remain unfilled.

Randstad’s “2022 Top 15 Trending Canada Jobs” provides detailed information about in-demand jobs in Canada. It also provides information about Canadian industries that have had rapid growth in recent years.

Aspiring immigrants who want to work in Canada should be aware of the following:

Account Executive

A Key Account Manager’s job is developing strategic alliances for their company and producing sales. They must also invest in customer service in order to keep their profitable consumers. This job is critical for business success in post-pandemic times.


Developers are in high demand since organisations rely largely on technical solutions. Due to high demand, many PNP – Provincial Nominee Program choices are also available for candidates with job experience in this domain.

NOC Codes:2175, 2174

Hourly average median wage: $38.46

Marketing Manager

By 2028, 19,000 new advertising, public relations, and marketing manager jobs are expected to be created. These Managers help companies implement both physical and online marketing strategies. Provinces such as Ontario routinely invite Marketing Managers from the Express Entry pool to directly fill this occupation’s demand.

NOC Code: 0124

Hourly average median wage: $ 43.27

Registered Nurse

Jobs in high demand in Canada Healthcare facilities can be found all around the country. Because of the scarcity, nurses are being provided an increasing amount of incentives and bonuses. Because of the severe labour need, nursing professionals have access to a variety of Canadian immigration schemes.

NOC Code: 3012

The hourly median wage is $40.00


Drivers are in high demand in Canada, even as the economy recovers from the pandemic. They have a huge edge in the labour market because they handle local deliveries and drive large commercial vehicles.

NOC codes:7514, 7513, 7512, 7511

Hourly average median wage: $ 19.50

Representatives of Customer Service

CSRs help consumers resolve difficulties physically, over the phone, through virtual chat, or by email. They are in high demand in Canada in the aftermath of the outbreak.

NOC codes 6551 and 6552

Hourly average median wage: $ 19.00

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More than 23,000 welding jobs are expected to be added to the Canadian economy by 2028. Welders are in particularly high demand in Prince Edward Island and British Columbia. Welders have a significant advantage throughout Canada.

NOC Code 7237

Hourly average median wage: $ 19.00


Engineers are in high demand in Canada, regardless of whether they work in virtual or physical infrastructure. Due to labour market deficits, employers are actively pursuing abroad personnel.

2148, 2147, 2146, 2145, 2144, 2143, 2142, 2141, 2134, 2133, 2132, 2131 NOC Codes

The hourly median wage is $ 44.00.


An Accountant is essential to the smooth operation of a business. Even when businesses develop in the post-pandemic economy, managing funds is a critical necessity for long-term success. Accountants can find work across Canada and have a bright future ahead of them.

NOC code: 1111

Hourly average median wage: $ 35.75

Cloud Architect

A growing number of Canadian businesses are embracing remote work, creating a demand for Cloud Architects. They are required for cloud solution support and implementation. The demand for these positions will only grow in the coming years.

NOC code: 2171

Hourly average median wage: $41.03

Human Resources Manager

Human resource managers help firms comply with labor rules, reduce employee turnover, and promote the company’s growth. The post-pandemic economic boom has resulted in increased employment in Canada. These Managers are responsible for onboarding new employees and managing the company’s growth. HR Managers are in high demand across Canada.

NOC Code: 0112

Hourly average median wage: $ 49.7

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Between 2019 and 2038, Canada will require 23,400 electricians to meet labor market vacancies. Electricians are in high demand, and they are required for operational continuity across the country. As a result, electricians in diverse areas are in high demand in Canada year after year.

7246, 7245, 7243, 7242, 7241 are the NOC codes.

The hourly median wage is $ 30.00.

Project Manager for Information Technology

The role of an IT Project Manager entails managing, planning, and implementing a company’s IT goals. The thriving technology business has various in-demand professions in Canada across the country. They are required to meet the growing demand for workers.

0213 is the NOC code.

Hourly average median wage: $ 52.88

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Mechanical Designer

Mechanical Engineers are needed in a variety of industries across Canada. Mechanical Engineering jobs in Canada are available if you have the necessary degree, experience, and qualifications.

2132 is the NOC code.

The hourly median wage is $ 42.00.

Accountants’ Assistants

Accounting Clerks assist firms in the preparation of critical financial paperwork. Account statements, inventory reports, invoices, and bills are examples. The expansion of businesses in post-pandemic times has increased the importance of Accounting Clerks in maintaining operations.

1431 is the NOC code.

The hourly median wage is $ 22.56.

2022 Industry and Job Trends

According to the most recent job vacancy statistics, approximately 900,000 positions in Canada would be empty by the end of 2021. The following industries have the most job openings:

  • Social aid and health care
  • Food and lodging services
  • Manufacturing
  • The retail trade
  • Services in the fields of professional, scientific, and technological expertise
  • Construction
  • Administrative and backup, trash cleanup, and management services are all available.
  • Insurance and finance
  • Transportation and storage
  • Other offerings (excluding public administration)

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