Australia Work Visa

Every year hundreds of Indian workers choose to live and work in Australia because of the lifestyle and employment opportunities it offers.

Wanting To Work In Australia in 2022? Here's Everything You Need To Know...

You can have multiple job opportunities in multiple sectors, with high wages and you can have great savings, exceptional social benefits like free healthcare, and top-class education. When you work in Australia, you will enjoy basic rights and the same workplace rules as the Australia born citizen. All of this makes Australia a popular destination to make a career.

There are two major work visa types that cover the majority of visa applications. skilled migration and employer visa.If you have skills or qualifications that Australia needs, using SkillSelect you can be invited to apply for a skilled visa by the Australian Government. Skilled workers and business people interested in migrating to Australia can be considered for a skilled visa by submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect. An EOI is an indication that you would like to be considered for a skilled visa and it is not a visa application. SkillSelect is an Australian immigration program that matches skilled international workers with Australian employers. The system works like an online board that matches workers to employers based on skills and needs.


The process for applying for the work visa is:

  • Applicants enter their information into SkillSelect through the Australian Department of Home Affairs online form.
  • Applicants then take a skill test that tests their abilities, knowledge of the English language, and education level.
  • Applicants select an Expression of Interest (EOI) in the visa category for which they would like to be chosen.
  • Once the applicant is in the system, Australian employers or state and territory governments may invite them to lodge a visa application. This is the nomination or sponsorship process which is required for most skilled worker visas.
  • The applicant completes a visa application.
  • If the application is accepted, the applicant will receive a visa and may live and work in Australia. 

The following criteria need to be met in order to apply for the SkillSelect:

  • The age should be between 25 and 32 so that you score more points, for above 45 years there are no points.
  • Applicants are required to take the IELTS test to prove their English language proficiency, if you score 8 bands or more, you will get 20 points
  • If you have the experience you will get a score based on the years of experience you have and if your skill is listed in the skilled occupations.
  • Educational qualifications: You get 20 points if you have a doctorate in bachelor’s degree and 15 points for a master’s degree.  
  • Community language skills: You will get 5 points if you have translator or interpreter skills in any of your country’s community’s languages.
  • Spouse/partner skills and qualification: if your spouse or partner has the skills required to meet the requirements of the Australian skilled migrant program.

How to get an Australian work permit visa

If you’re eligible for an Employer Nomination Scheme Visa, you’ll need to get your employer to apply for your visa. They will need to show that there is no Australian citizen or permanent resident that can do the job before they can nominate you for the visa. Once your employer has applied on your behalf, the  Department of Home Affairs will then evaluate your eligibility for the visa. There are many other options out there. For example, if you want to undertake some sort of self-employment, we recommend the Independent Visa. This type of visa is perfect for business owners and freelancers who want to start their own company in Australia.
  • Skilled Regional Visa
  • Temporary Graduate Visa
  • Skilled independent visa

This visa is for people who have lived and worked in specified areas of regional Australia on a previous, eligible visa.

A temporary visa that allows international students to live, study and work after you have finished your studies

This visa is for invited workers and New Zealand citizens with skills we need, to live and work permanently anywhere in Australia

FAQ's Section:

What is the processing time for an Australian work visa?

Ans: Due to COVID-19, some visa processing times have been affected and applications may take longer to finalize. Though generally, it would have taken around 2-5 months to get a work visa processed. 

Is Australia giving a work visa in 2022?

Ans: Though the work visas are not blooming like before the covid era, the Austrian government has started accepting work visas as of 2022.

How much does an Australian work visa cost?

Ans: The cost of an Australian work visa is dependent on the types of Australia Work Permit Visa you are applying for but it generally ranges from 225 to 300 USD.

Which visa allows you to work in Australia?

Ans: A subclass 408 visa is a temporary visa that allows individuals to work and stay in Australia for up to two years.

Is it easy to get an Australian work visa?

Ans: Though it used to be easy to get a work visa for Australia pre covid era, now it is a bit difficult to get one but an individual can get it if you are tied up with a good consultancy.