Germany Work Visa

Germany has a lot of job opportunities to offer. Being a fast-growing nation Germany is looking for skilled workers in several sectors, the government offers various work visa options for international workers.

Wanting To Work In Germany in 2022? Here's Everything You Need To Know...

 Non- EU residents must apply for a work visa and a residence permit before travelling to Germany. You must approach the German embassy or consulate in India.  

The application for the work visa should have a job offer letter from the firm in Germany, you must also have an annexure for an employment permit, you must provide the certificates of your academic qualification, and also the certificates of your work experience with the approval letter from the Federal Employment Agency.

The Germany Job Seeker Visa is a long-term visa entitling the visa holder to stay in Germany for a maximum of 6 months while searching for a job from within Germany. If you find a job within 6 months, you can apply for a Residence permit or work visa in Germany. There is no requirement to return home and apply for the same.


Procedure to apply for a German work visa in 2022:

STEP 1: Complete the Germany Job Seeker Visa application form.

STEP 2: Make a visa appointment- Get an appointment from the embassy to submit the application form. Get an appointment from the embassy one month ahead of the date you intend to apply for the visa.

STEP 3: Get your documentation in order, You will have to submit a list of documents along with your application. 

STEP 4: Attend the visa interview.

STEP 5: Pay visa fees. 

Documents Required To Apply For A German Work Visa:

  • A valid passport with an expiry date three months after the validity of the applied visa expires.
  • Your curriculum vitae with details of your education and work experience.
  • Proof of your educational qualifications.
  • Certificates of your previous work experience.
  • Proof of your language proficiency in the form of your IELTS or TOEFL test scorecard and German language certification at A1 level.
  • A cover letter explaining why you need a jobseeker visa, your plan to find employment in Germany, and your alternative actions if you do not find a job within the six months.
  • A health insurance policy with a validity of six months. You will need to get this policy from a company authorized by the country.
  • Blocked bank account as proof of your financial resources.

Role of Prominent Overseas in Obtaining German Work Visa:

The complete process of visa application, documentation, and the verification of the documents can all be very confusing and hectic tasks. To make all this process less stressful we at Prominent Overseas are dedicated to helping and guiding you throughout. Our team of experts will take care of all the necessary requirements and get you through a successful application.

FAQ's Section:

How can I get a work permit in Germany?

Ans: Apply for an Employment Visa or Job-Seeker Visa at the German Embassy after getting a confirmation from your employer in Germany. If you are eligible for the visa and all your documentation is correctly submitted then you are good to fly to Germany. 

Is it hard to get a work visa in Germany?

Ans: It’s a little hard. That being said, it’s not always easy to get a work visa in Germany if you’re not from the EU/EEA or Swiss. That’s because you need to get a residence permit with work authorization. 

How much is a German work visa?

Ans: The cost of a German visa for job seekers is around 75 to 100 Euros. 

How much bank balance is required for a German work visa?

Ans: Funds Requirement (to be shown in the applicant Bank Account) for German work visa is approximately 4,500 Euros. 

What is the eligibility to Get Work Visa for Germany?

Ans: According to the European Union the eligibility to work in Germany, you must either have a work/residence permit or a work visa. But not everyone is subject to the visa requirements, however, everyone is subject to the residence/work permit. Residents of the following do not need a visa to work in Germany