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The latest news highlights
  •  The USCIS intends to forward H-1B visa applications to the California center.
  •  A plan has been developed to lessen the backlog.
  •  The Vermont Service Center has a massive backlog.
  •  There was also a delay in processing due to a staff shortage.
Why is there a delay in the processing of H-1B visas?

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, intends to relocate H-1B visa applications to another site. This method was devised to alleviate the backlog and allow people to work in the United States. The government agency has indicated that moving visa processing applications to the California location will reduce workload.

The Vermont Service Center is currently handling more tasks. This will expedite the receipt of notices regarding new H-1B visa applications. Because of a massive backlog, visa processing has been hampered in recent months. Another factor for the sluggish processing of applications is a staff deficit.

Last month, a lottery for H-1B visas was held. Candid

Lottery for H-1B visas

Last month, a lottery for H-1B visas was held. Candidates chosen through this lottery must submit applications in order to be able to work in the United States beginning October 1, 2022.


Work visa extension in the United States

Mia Love, a member of Congress, also brought up the issue of pending petitions for visa extensions to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In order to meet the employment market demands, US corporations will have easy access to skilled individuals. This will help the US economy thrive, and inflation difficulties will be easier to cope with. Indians receive approximately 70% of all H-1B visas.

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